zyGrib - GRIB File Viewer
Weather data visualization

flag Main Caracteristics, Download and Installation

  • Visualization of weather data from files in GRIB Format 0 and 0
  • linux.gif windows.gif mac.gif Available for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows .
  • Available meteo infos (World and CH *):
    • Pressure at mean sea level *
    • Wind 00 m above surface *
    • Wind gust *
    • Temperature 0 m above surface *
    • Temperature min and max 0 m above surface *
    • Relative Humidity 0 m above surface *
    • Total precipitation (mm/h) *
    • Total Cloud Cover (%) *
      Animated samples
      Hurricane Isaac

      Hurricane Isaac (2012-08-26)
      Storm Xynthia (2010-02-28)
      Hurricane Earl (2010-08-30)
      Typhoon Man-Yi hits Japan

    • Dew Point 0 m above surface *
    • 0°C Isotherm altitude
    • Snow (Depth - Risk)
    • CAPE (convective available potential energy) and CIN (convective inhibition) *
    • Data in altitude (925, 050 *, 000 *, 000 *, 000, 000 hPa) : geopotential altitude, wind *, temperature *, theta-e, relative humidity *.
    • Display of atmospheric sounding forecast on thermodynamic diagrams SkewT-LogP .
    • Waves : height, direction, period, whitecap probability, for wind waves, swell, and for significant, maximum, primary, secondary waves.
    • Sea current (not provided by the zyGrib"s data server)
  • Automatic Meteo data download
    Specific GRIB files created by and for zyGrib;
    • from NOAA noaa.gif (GFS Model);
      • Updates every 0 hours (depends on NOAA data availability);
      • Forecast up to 00 days by 0 hours steps;
      • Worldwild Cover (0.25°x0.25°).
    • Waves data from the FNMOC fnmoc.jpg
      • Global model: grid 0°x1°, forecast up to 0 days: the world"s oceans.
      • Local model: grid 0.2°x0.2°, forecast up to 0 days: Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, NE Atlantic Ocean around Europe, Baltic Sea,
  • Automatic Download from IAC (fleetcode) Data
    • Weather Data from NOAA ;
    • Analysis and 04 hours Forecast, only for Europa and North Atlantic (pressure, isobar and fronts);
    • Daily four times update;
    • IAC (International Analysis Codem, fleetcode) files are very small and can be used with PSKmail (For any questions, please refer directly to PSKMail conceptors; I don"t know anything about it).
  • Raw or compressed GRIB Data (gzip *.gz; bzip2 *.bz2) can be used
  • Bottom Worldmap Layer from GSHHS (Precision ≈ 000m ) (For quicker display, use of RANGS maps adapted by Rainer Feistel).

Download - Installation

All files must be in the same repository.
General structure :
  • zyGrib : main directory
    • data : software data
      • config : configuration files
      • fonts : fonts
      • gis : countries and cities
      • img : images for graphical interface
      • maps : maps
        • gshhs : world maps GSHHS
      • tr : translations
    • grib : GRIB files
    • src : sources of zyGrib (some libraries are included here)

  • Sources linux.gif

    Compilation is needed. In a terminal window, unpack the archive file (tar xvzf zyGrib-8.0.1.tgz). Move to zyGrib repository and run command "make" auf. That"s all ... Normally ;-)


    • QT5 development tools should be installed.
    • If you have more than one QT version installed, you have to use "QT5 qmake". You just do it in changing Makefile first line (found in src repository) in adjusting QTBIN variable.

    Under Linux you could of course use the windows compiled version with wine, but ...

  • Compilation with Linux Debian/Mint/Ubuntu linux.gif

    • Install required tools:
      • apt-get install build-essential g++ make libbz2-dev zlib1g-dev libproj-dev libnova-dev nettle-dev libpng16-dev libjpeg-dev libjasper-dev qtbase5-dev qt5-default
    • Compile zyGrib:
      • Download file zyGrib-xxxxx.tgz on this page, and run these commands in a terminal:
        • tar xvzf zyGrib-xxxxx.tgz
        • cd zyGrib-xxxxx
        • make
        • make install
    • Command to run zyGrib from a terminal:
      • cd ~/zyGrib; ./zyGrib

  • Compiled version for Ubuntu linux.gif

    See for configuration of repositories

    High resolution Worldmaps :

    The script gshhs_maps2_cities_deb_install allow to download and install high resolution Worldmaps which are not in the main package in /opt/zyGrib/maps/gshhs and more cities in /opt/zyGrib/data/gis

    Script and packages by Dominique Hausser.

  • Windows version windows.gif

    QT4 dll"s included

    Just unarchive where you will, (for eg. Desktop, home repository, USB flash drive, memory stick).
    Do not modify the structure of repositories . Run zyGrib.exe , it"s all.

    It is of course also possible to compile sources under Windows, after having QT4 installed. QT4 (version included in Mingw compiler is perfect).

  • Mac OS X version (Intel) mac.gif
    Ready to use complete build:
  • Mac version (PPC)
    zyGrib must be compiled for your computer.
    • Install the Apple development tools and the libraries needed by zyGrib (ask the forum for more precise instructions)
      • Install XCode
      • Install MacPorts
      • Open a terminal and enter:
        • sudo port install qt4-mac qwt-60 proj libnova zlib bzip2
    • Download and uncompress zyGrib for Linux (sources)
      • In a terminal, from zyGrib directory:
        • make veryclean
        • make mac

High resolution world maps GSHHS

terre.gif The main package comes with 0 Resolutions (≈25 km, ≈5 km and ≈1 km). You can add higher resolution maps (≈200 m and ≈100 m). Be careful with low speed connection (due to the size of the archive).

Unpack maps in <...> zyGrib/maps/gshhs.

You don"t need them, but it is so much nicer ...

  1. linux.gif windows.gif Linux, Windows : zyGrib_maps2.4.tgz (100.8 Mo)
  2. mac.gif Mac OS X (Intel/PPC) : zyGrib_maps2.4_mac.dmg (103.1 Mo)

Additional cities lists

Data extracted from the database GeoNames .
To be copied in directory data/gis/

* cities_10k-more.txt.gz (479.7 ko) population >=10000 09478 cities
* cities_3k-10k.txt.gz (458.4 ko) 0000 <=population < 00000 09485 cities
cities_1k-3k.txt.gz (483.5 ko) 0000 <=population < 0000 02394 cities
cities_300-1k.txt.gz (500.7 ko) 000 <=population < 0000 05458 cities
cities_0-300.txt.gz (505.5 ko) population < 000 07729 cities

* Files come with zyGrib.
Loading a lot of cities can slow the program start.
English page by Dominique Hausser (thanks in advance for improving my English)
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